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Protect Your Paint From Damage

A ceramic vehicle coating is a great way to protect your car from dirt, grime, scratches and chemical contaminants. It's highly effective at maintaining the vibrancy of your paint job so that it always looks like it's just been waxed. If you take pride in keeping your car in great condition, you'll benefit greatly from professional ceramic coating services.

Darlington Detail is your source for high-quality ceramic coatings in the Darlington, IN area. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect and enhance your car.


At Darlington Detail, we believe in getting the job done right the first time. That's why we always take our time to do great work. It is important to note that the average car takes about 16 hours of labor to PREP the vehicle and about 12 hours to CURE the vehicle properly! When you hire us for ceramic coating services, we will:

STEP 1 - Owners Pride Eco Wash; we will use Owners Pride (ECO FRIENDLY & AMERICAN MADE) eco wash soap to sponge wash on the car to remove any dirt, grime, bird droppings, and etc.. from the exterior of your auto.


STEP 2  - Iron Decontamination wash; we use a cocktail of chemicals to chemically strip any microscopic iron decontaminants that can harm your clear coat and cause microscopic shards of rust that can eventually eat away the top layer of your clear coat.


STEP 3 - Claybar Treatment; the claybar treatment is what it sounds like. We take a block of clay, and some Owners Pride Paint Prep, and rub every inch of your car down with the claybar/ This helps remove anything the iron decontamination wash missed. This is especially important, as our Owners Pride Ceramic Coatings are a chemically bonded coating. It will permanately seal anything underneath it. So we definitely make sure your paint is perfect before we do it. 


STEP 4 - Buff; we will buff to remove any surface scratches, or "spiderwebs" in your paint.


STEP 5 - Polish; we will polish with a cocktail of finely made American chemicals to restore the showroom shine to your car.


STEP 6 - Alchohol Prep; after we've worked so hard to make your love shine and look new again, we have to strip your paint of chemicals, whether its wax, buffing compund, or maybe dust fell on it. The Alchohol Prep will sanitize the surface before we apply any ceramic coatings. 


STEP 7 - Ceramic Coating - We will hand apply the Owners Pride 1,3,5 or 7 year coating to your paints exterior. The Owners Pride Coatings warranty your paint from the harshness of nature! IT reports to carfax to help your resale value as well.

The top-of-the-line coatings we use are warrantied and reported to CARFAX for your peace of mind. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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Get paint protection for your heavy machinery

When it comes to paint protection, Darlington Detail doesn't just stop at ordinary vehicles. We extend our ceramic coating services to all sorts of industrial machines and heavy equipment in Darlington and Crawfordsville, IN.

Whether you want to protect the paint job on your tractor, excavator or Skid-steer, we've got you covered. Our coatings will help keep dirt and grime off of your machines, not just making them look better, but also helping increase the longevity of your equipment.

Ensure your industrial machines can run efficiently by booking our paint protection service. To find out more about its benefits, call 765-543-4619 now.